Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Niche Corner Shelf

Today I'm going to introduce another interesting shelf. This shelf might not so unique in its shape as the previous ones. However, it has many unique features that worth to mentioned.

The name of the shelf is Interdesign Formbu. It features 3 level of shelves made of bamboo. It's unusual because there aren't so many corner shelves that made of bamboo. Thus, the shelf is very nice choice when you want to add 'green' feeling to a certain corner.

The bamboo and the bronze used to contruct the shelf is well-prepared. They won't be attacked by mould or rust easily.

For more detials, please visit InterDesign Formbu product page.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Niche Corner Shelf

Today I will introduce a corner shelf with unusual look. I confirm that it is real and it can be use to place items on. The shelf is 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage.

Just by a simple glance, everyone can feel the geek-ness from this shelf. The shelf can be used to store items normally, but with attractive appearance.

I hope this corner shelves will cheer up the geek side in you.

for more information, please visit 4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage review.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Corner Shelf Shop - Recommended Website for Corner Shelving, Corner Cabinet and Corner Bookshelf

I've start my new website :

In this website, it provides my original articles, shopping gallery and reviews.

Since there are plenty of shop out there but most of them are just copied content. In my new site I'll try my best to create interesting, creative and research-oriented content. Of course, the article will be in-dept analysis if it's scientific. That's because science is my expert. However, I will try to write in other fields such as shopping and artistic as well.

There is also 'shelves reviews' section in the website. Since they are review, I can't write them if I cannot access the real product. Thus, if someone generous enough to send me the shelves it would be great.

On the 'products' section, there will be 2 modes, gallery view and list view. In the gallery view, the picture of the shelves will aligned up side by side. This mode allows you to take a glance and access the shelf that you're interested in. On the contrary, the list view provides both pictures and data.

If you're someone who is considering in buying corner shelves or just interest in its science, please take a visit.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Niche wallet, especially for geeks and nerds

Do you bored with old style wallet? Almost all of them are look alike. And some good-looking ones are really expensive.
As a geek, you might want to use your wallet to express yourself. Or choose the one that 'really' suits you. In this page I put some interesting wallets and put them in categories. Hope that you will like this.

1.Wallet for Nerds
  Cool graphics or elegant designs have no effect on nerds! If only things that can strike your mind are numbers, texts or elements... these are for you.

Dynomighty Subway Wallet100$ Bill WalletDynomighty Air Mail WalletDynomighty In Filght Wallet

2.Unique Wallet
  Sometimes extreme things can be awkward. We just want to have something 'different' right? All of the following items can be perfectly used as normal wallet while they surely got some notices.

Thesaurus WalletThree Ring Binder WalletMighty Dot Matrix WalletPeriodic Table Wallet

3.Food-like Wallet
  These wallet is obviously for eat geeks! Of course that they won't look exactly like food so much as you want to give them a bite, but if you want to show your favorite dish, go ahead.

Delicious Burger WalletBacon WalletYummy Pockets PizzaToast Wallet

All products presented in this page are available at various online stores. If you have some suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Small USB flash drive that fitted into your pocket!

Super Talent Pico (Silver)As a computer geek who always want to use portable software anywhere and anytime, I still cannot forgot the day that I had to carry mini-CD in my wallet. Planning to fitted as much as possible application into 185 MB to made all-in-one CD was very, very exhaustive task and what a got from my hard work is to tore up my wallet because mini-CD is still didn't "mini" enough.

to keep many portable software inside billfold, mini-cds was the only way
but now it become inconvenient

Even though many people feels comfort to buy those typical USB flash drives, some would rather use tiny ones. Choosing these special designed flash drives gives many advantage :

- You can put it in your wallet and go anywhere you want without worrying you'll forget it.
- It requires little additional space. Thus, you'll feel more comfort to bring it around.
- Small weight make it's more durable when dropped.
- Small size allow another USB devices to be attached on its adjacent. This is especially crucial for closely-packed USB ports of some PC.

There are many type of these super-portable USB flash drive, Thus I will introduce some of them to you.

1.Thin stick type
  This type is the most ordinary style for the ultra small USB flash drive and maybe the most useful too. Due to its simplicity, there are a lot of manufacturers that produce them and also many choices for us. Capacity normally range from 2 - 32 GB and the weight hardly exceeds 0.4 ounces, many colors are available.
  All of them can be mounted into normal USB slot, easy to use and have same price as typical flash drives. Feel free to choose one of them!

Super Talent Pico MiniVerbatim TUFF 'N' TINY (Purple)Super Talent Pico (Silver)LaCie iamaKey Flash Drive

2.Credit card type
  These are reincarnation of credit-card-shaped CD. They have, of course, far higher capacity (up to 64GB) than their ancestors plus ability to rewrite. They are also got higher capacity than "thin stick type" due to its larger size.
  Please be noted that each wallet has different size of credit card slot. It'll be sad story if you buy one of these but it can't be putted into your wallet. Always check the dimensions first!

Centon USB credit card driveClickfree Traveler Flash DrivePQI slim storagerosh credit card usb

3.SD combo type
  It may be surprise but there are many Secure Digital (SD) cards with buit-in USB connection. They have ability to connect to devices with both SD and USB. Transfering pictures from camera to computer was never be easy like this. The cards can also be used as regular SD cards, but without carrying card reader anymore.
  While these flash drive certainly small enough (because they're actually SD card), the capacity is somewhat limit at 4 GB. However, they're still worth for trying.

SD USB combo sandiskSD USB combo double packSD USB combo ducatiDucati combo double pack

All products presented in this page are available in various online stores. If you have some suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.